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Stuart F. Wilson

Founder of Fallguy Productions, Stuart F. Wilson, quite literally grew up in the TV and film industry.  Raised by his mother, a professional dancer, and his character actor father, Dick Wilson, better known as Mr. Whipple of "Please don't squeeze the Charmin" fame, Stuart landed his first role at 18 months old, co-starring opposite a bar of Ivory soap.

With a great sense of humor and an impeccable work ethic, Wilson has spent decades in the entertainment industry both in front of and behind the camera.  He built a reputation of excellence and expertise that led to being considered one of the top ten, most sought after stuntmen in Hollywood, according to Business Week.  After appearing in more than 60 films and countless TV productions, he started Fallguy Productions with the intent to create quality films, regardless of genre.  The team he has assembled are some of the best in their field, but more importantly, are great people who are great to work with.


Simon is an accredited DP, Cameraman, and Steadicam Operator. He has been working in the Film and Television industry for the last 27 years. His passion for the moving image began as a sound trainee working his way up to a boom operator. His natural progression into the camera department resulted in working his way through the ranks and to date, Simon has worked on over 33 feature films from Casino Royale to Wonder Woman. Simon has a deep passion for what he does and it shows in every shot. 

The founder of Fall Guy Productions has worked with the following:

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